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Cached Pages, Ultra-Fast Loading Time


Google and other search engines love fast websites.
When the loading time of your pages increases, your readers get bored and abandon you.
Don’t let this happen: take advantage of caching with WP Rocket!

WP Rocket caches your pages by creating static HTML files and making them easily available for future visitors.
It also applies browser caching, asking the browser to store the commonly-used but rarely-updated files in its local cache memory.

Make Your Files Lighter


An optimal loading time also passes from the amount of files that are uploaded to your website.

With WP Rocket, you can minify and combine the CSS and JS files of your site, making them faster and lighter and reducing page size.

You can optimize CSS delivery and load JS deferred to eliminate render-blocking resources and improve load time. Besides, delaying the loading of JavaScript files until user interaction will reduce initial load time.
No need to touch the code: it’s all done in one click.

Media Files Loaded Only When Needed


WP Rocket includes a smart set of options to tweak the display of images and iframes on your site.
With our LazyLoad, you can defer the loading of images or iframes, leaving them ”off-screen” until the users need them. 
Lazy-loading is a brilliant way of optimizing both perceived and real performance. It also saves the users bandwidth because they won’t have to download all your images!

If your site uses WebP images, WP Rocket can also create a sep

Get the Faster Cached Version in a Blink


Cache preloading ensures your visitors get the speedier, cached versions of your site right away. WP Rocket creates the cached versions of your content right upon activation.

You can preload your content manually or let WP Rocket do this automatically. Preloading will happen in a blink after WP Rocket clears the cache of posts/pages/custom post types of your site.

Besides, the sitemap-based cache preloading option automatically detects and preloads the sitemaps generated by popular WordPress SEO plugins

A Tidy Database for a Happy Website


A clean database runs more efficiently and it also helps to speed up your site.
WP Rocket provides a dedicated set of options to optimize your database and keep it lean.

You can clean up comments, posts, and transients, optimize your database tables, or schedule automatic cleanups: everything in two clicks.

Reduce Latency and Improve Availability


When your site speaks to a broad international audience, a CDN is key to improve the loading time of your website for visitors that are far away from where your server is located.

If you are already using a CDN, you can integrate it in WP Rocket’s dashboard in a few clicks.
As an alternative, you can use RocketCDN, WP Rocket’s custom CDN.
Forget configuration headaches: the configuration is automatic to provide you with the best speed results.

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